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Cigar ~ Tribeca 7 x 50r Connecticut Shade

The Tribeca CF Dominicana Cigar is a Churchill size, 7 x 50 rinq, wrapped in perfect Connecticut Shade Leaf and definitely the cigar that should be sampled and the strongest representative model of the CF Dominicana line of cigars. This cigar has been reviewed with great feedback early on when the company started not far from the Tribeca area of NY.

A mild start and pleasant aroma eventually leads to more pronounced taste but never more that medium bodied for the perfect cigar while having a martini.

Tribeca is one of the most visually recognizable and upscale areas in all of NYC with it's trademark Cobblestone streets and picturesque buildings.

Tribeca (4 pack) 7 x 50  $28.74
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Tribeca (box of 25) $167.25
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